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Our Story

What's our story.

In 2012, our founder Anastasia and her three sisters were facing extreme levels of fatigue. Simple tasks such as working out, staying awake during afternoon meetings, and focusing during class seemed impossible. They spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours at doctors appointments, only to be told by primary care doctors, endocrinologists, and ENTs – that they were “crazy” or more frustratingly “maybe just lazy.” 

But they knew something was wrong. 

Anastasia and her sisters set out to take their health into their own hands. They discovered that the integrative medicine community recognizes their conditions as adrenal fatigue, or the HPA Axis Dysregulation. Their integrative medicine doctors, as well as the well regarded Root Cause Protocol, recommended a homemade “adrenal drink” with key nutrients the adrenals needed to function properly.

But there was one issue. As college students, consultants, and busy millennials, it was inconvenient for these women to take on the go. So, they got to work and started packaging the The Adrenal Drink. If you are facing adrenal fatigue, we believe you, and we are here to help.

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The Adrenal Drink is a daily supplement containing natural nutrients that help balance your cortisol levels and restore your energy.

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